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The innovativeness and resourcefulness of Australian scientific research is recognised and well regarded in the international research community. The extensive pipeline of world-class research spans the private-sector, direct government research through state and federal agencies such as the CSIRO and also through government grants issued through the Australian Research Council (ARC).  Unlike European, Asian or American venture capital or equity markets, since the early 2000’s, many Australian Research & Development companies have been able to list themselves and raise significant funds through both debt and equity for early stage research initiatives.

In light of current economic conditions, and the reality that many of these companies are a long way from generating free-cashflow, Activated Logic recognises the difficulties these organisations face in raising additional funds or maximising the value of their assets in any corporate transaction.

In addition to sourcing funds for research from the capital markets, alliances through Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s) also potentially offer a valuable source of capital to be able to advance a company’s R&D efforts.  In 2008, a total of 1452 research projects commenced as a result of receiving $490.6m in grants from the ARC through the Competitive Grants Program.

Activated Logic has assisted numerous organisations conceive, develop and communicate research proposals for applications through the ARC, and other significant grant opportunities including State and Federal government programs.

Activated Logic is experienced in not only developing integrated strategy and investment objectives for research focused companies, but also being able to communicate the company’s vision to engage key-stakeholders including retail shareholders and institutional investors, and potential joint venture and commercialisation partners.

Sub-Sector Focus

Agricultural (more info in Agribusiness)

  • Integrated Crop Management
  • Pesticide & Fertiliser Field Trials

Energy (more info in Energy)

  • Energy Conversion Efficiencies


  • Defence
  • Transport

Medical (more info in Healthcare & Medical)

  • Medical Device Research

Nanotechnology (more info in Technology)

  • Energy Recover & Conversion
  • Innovative Materials

How can Activated Logic Help?

  • Preparation and Presentation of Research Proposals with the objective of attracting government and commercial funding
  • Brand development and Intellectual Property protection
  • Stakeholder Communications, with professional image creation & reprocessing of key technical specifications

If you would like more information on how Activated Logic can improve your organisation please contact us.

Other Industry Focus Sectors:

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