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healthcare & medical

The Australian Healthcare & Medical sectors encompass a broad range of medical disciplines ranging from the public hospital system, to highly specialised private practices and allied industries devoted to drug, device and technology development and the associated service sectors.

Activated Logic has in the past worked with NGO’s such as local hospitals, however is generally more closely aligned with commercial organisations that are either involved in pharmaceutical drug or medical device development.

The Activated Logic approach has proven to be highly effective in not only companies with products in the late stages of human-trials (phase II/III), but also junior companies with novel compounds or device that may still be in the preclinical stages of development. 

Whether established organisations are attempting to increase market share for products that have already received FDA or TGA approval, or junior companies are in need of a strategy, investment and communication work over - Activated Logic can help.

Activated Logic has developed effective Communication and Investment strategies for state departments such as the Victorian AgriBiosciences Centre (VABC), and has partnered with numerous companies including listed biotechnology companies.

Sub-Sector Focus


  • Specialist Practice


  • R&D and Production


  • General Practice
  • Private Clinic


  • Corporate
  • Pharmaceutical Commercialisation (more info in Research)


  • Specialist Practice

How can Activated Logic Help?

  • Investment Proposals, Intellectual Property Commercialisation, and trial communications specifically for Biotechnology based drug development from preclinical to Stage-III, and through to commercialisation.
  • Development and preparation of operating procedures, prospective client communications, and customer engagement strategies
  • Preparing Technical Communications with the purpose of forming alliances with other Industry Participants

If you would like more information on how Activated Logic can improve your organisation please contact us.

Other Industry Focus Sectors:

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