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geothermal publications

Activated Logic is the leading provider of innovative geothermal project development and commercialisation
solutions in the Asia Pacific region. Through our extensive interests in the geothermal industry ranging from
extensive industry research through to our commercial partnerships, Activated Logic is the ideal partner to take a
project from any stage of development through to rapid and sustainable commercial success.

The promise of large-scale, affordable, emission free baseload power has been an aspirational goal shared by scientists, industry, governments and the broader community for many years. Adoption of renewable technologies such as solar or wind power is slowly gathering momentum, however the relatively expensive cost of these energies combined with intermittent power generation profile has hindered the wider adoption of these technologies.

Industry Publications

In February 2012, Activated Logic released an abridged 36 page version the Australian Geothermal Review 2012 titled, 'The Prospect of Utility-Scale Geothermal Electricity Generation in an Australian Energy Context'.

The report provides a general introduction to geothermal energy in Australia with chapters dedicated to, Australia’s Energy Resources, Australia’s Electricity Market, Renewable Electricity Generation, Geothermal Energy and Geothermal Energy in Australia.

Australia’s ability to successfully grow its energy exports at a time of increasing energy consumption is a result of Australia’s abundance of both indigenous fossil fuel and renewable energy resources. The sustained economic development of Australia combined with the increased demands from industry and a growing population have resulted in increased demand for energy, with the primary energy consumption of Australia approximately doubling in the last three decades. >>



Activated Logic has a strong track record of partnering with project developers to take early stage exploration projects right through the commercialisation process. Activated Logic has assisted geothermal developers to accelerate the development of Geothermal Projects by assisting with grant applications through the Geothermal Drilling Program (RGP) grants scheme and by engaging industry participants and prospective investors.

Activated Logic has been comissioned to complete Information Memoranda and detailed scoping studies. These comprehensive reviews involve the compilation of company, industry and technical reports.

Extensive project evaluation and optimisation studies are conducted through the application of industry best-practice techniques and proprietary business analysis methodologies.


Reports & Analysis

Activated Logic publishes a range of reports and analysis specific to the Australian geothermal industry, focusing on major industry developments and investment performance. Contact us for more information.

Click on the following image to download the Activated Logic Geothermal Industry Research Report - June 2009 - file size 2.98MB.


Download the latest Activated Logic Press Release "The Commercialisation of Geothermal Energy in Australia" - An analysis of the recent investment performance, challenges, opportunities and outlook for the Australian geothermal energy sector by clicking here

"... All Australian states now have an established framework in place for the licensing and regulation of geothermal exploration activities, however the majority of exploration activity remains firmly focused on South Australia. South Australia already has an established and growing wind-power industry and earlier this year the State Government bolstered its green credentials by committing the state to an ambitious renewable energy target of 33% by 2020,
significantly higher than the recently approved 20% by 2020 National renewable energy target.

In an effort to demonstrate the benefits of investing in renewable energy infrastructure, last week the Australian Geothermal Energy Association (AGEA) released a report prepared by energy consultants McLennan Magasanik Associates into the major electricity transmission infrastructure in South Australia. The major finding was “The cost of bringing forward transmission investment compared to the business as-usual case is estimated at $171 million and is dwarfed by the clear benefits arising from cheaper base load power delivered to the NEM (National Electricity Market)”.

The report further concluded that “this would result in net economic benefits of $1.06 billion for SA customers and the geothermal industry from 2011 to 2030”. AGEA is proposing the development of major electricity transmission infrastructure “linking geothermal projects in the northern part of South Australia to the National Electricity Market” as a means to “link Australia’s two most advanced geothermal energy projects - Geodynamics’ Habanero project in the Cooper Basin and Petratherm’s Paralana project in the northern Flinders Ranges”.

Activated Logic recognises the potential benefits which may be realised through the development of such an infrastructure initiative, however believes this option needs to be compared and contrasted with other potential options available for the development of the Australian geothermal industry as a whole. Activated Logic Managing Director Mr Bahay Ozcakmak said a broader range of initiatives need to be considered to accelerate the development of the Australian geothermal industry..." Click here to read more


Australian Geothermal Index

Activated Logic has developed the Australian Geothermal Index™. The Australian Geothermal Index (AGI) is the benchmark composite index of the 9 solely geothermal focused companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). The AGI was based at 100 (as was the XAO) on the 1st of July 2008 to provide an indication of the relative performance of the AGI against the XAO.

How can Activated Logic Help?

  • Assistance with geothermal project investment through a network of experienced strategic partners, attendance at geothermal and renewable energy events, and the coordination of priority investor briefings including the preparation of company roadshow style events.

  • Geothermal project evaluation through comprehensive due-diligence, in-depth feasibility analysis including use of Activated Logic’s Sequential Investments Assessment Matrix (al-SIAM) to determine the attractiveness of geothermal project investment or  other forms of corporate transactions including M&A.

  • Manage geothermal grant applications under the Australian Geothermal Drilling Program (GDP) and the Renewable Energy Demonstration Program (REDP). Activated Logic also can provide assistance with international grant schemes including those available through the International Finance Corporation (IFC) division of the World Bank Group.

  • Preparation and presentation of technical communications including investment proposals and information memorandums with the objective of raising capital or forming alliances with industry participants to develop geothermal projects.

  • Geothermal project development & management - from early stage project initiation through to pre-feasibility, resource definition, FEED, project sanction and all commercial development stages.

  • Develop integrated and effective strategies (including geothermal  power plant technology selection) to accelerate the commercialisation of attractive geothermal projects and maximise likelihood of sustained success of geothermal projects.

  • Government policy – Activated Logic provides research, interpretation and advisory services in relation to the actual and expected implications of current and future government policies in relation to geothermal exploration and development.

  • Effective project and company communications for internal and external stakeholders demonstrating key-benefits. Full suite of graphic services provided to ensure technical communications including seismic-sections, gravity surveys and other geological data is presented professionally.

For more information on how Activated Logic can assist your organisation create and extract value from your geothermal portfolio, please contact us.

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Industry Membership

Activated Logic Pty Limited is a Member of the Australian Geothermal Energy Group. As a member of the AGEG, Activated Logic has a common interest in sharing information to commercialise Australia’s geothermal resources at maximum pace and minimum cost in Australia’s competitive energy markets.





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