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global geothermal alliance

Activated Logic maintains close links with international
partners through our strategic-alliances in the Asia-Pacific and international markets.

In 2009, leading Nordic Investment Bank Islandsbanki and Australian corporate services company Activated Logic launched a powerful strategic alliance to accelerate the development of renewable energy projects around the globe.

The strategic alliance partners have extensive experience and unrivalled capability in the five core disciplines essential for effective renewable energy development - Research, Strategy, Investment, Finance & Communication.

The unique combination of extensive technical collaboration and comprehensive market experience across key geographic regions provides the strategic alliance with pioneering insights into the rapid development of renewable energy projects.

In a world first the strategic alliance partners provide a comprehensive full-service offering specifically created for the rapid development and commercialisation of renewable energy projects. Activated Logic reviews all major international geothermal asset developments and M&A transactions with our exclusive strategic alliance partner, Islandsbanki on a regular basis.


Renewable Energy Development Initiative


Islandsbanki Geothermal Energy Team

Islandsbanki (formerly Glitnir) builds its value proposition on the success of its global geothermal energy team. The nature of geothermal projects demands a strong understanding of the underlying technical issues and risks. As part of energy activities the bank has formed a team of experienced bankers who focus solely on the geothermal energy industry.

The Islandsbanki geothermal team combines years of experience in the geothermal and renewable energy sectors covering all technical and corporate finance functions and has been involved in key transactions in the geothermal sector in North America, Europe and Asia.

Íslandsbanki's strategic focus is based upon its heritage and industry experience. Iceland, the home of Islandsbanki, derives around 99.9% of its electricity needs from renewable resources. Geothermal energy plays an important role in the country, as about two thirds of primary energy supply is derived from geothermal. Geothermal energy represents about 30% of the electricity generation in the country, the rest comes from hydro power. Nearly all homes in Iceland are heated from geothermal resources and geothermal is used directly to heat the primarily open-air swimming pools, greenhouses and even fish farms.

In the world, Iceland is no. 6 when it comes to generated electricity from geothermal resources and no. 5 when it comes to the direct use of geothermal heat. Direct use refers to district heating, swimming pools, greenhouses, industrial applications, snow melting, food processing etc.

Íslandsbanki works with a clear focus on the geothermal energy sector, where it builds its business on the experience and knowledge of the Icelandic geothermal energy sector.

  • Home market has more than 99% of electricity production from renewable
  • Iceland is one of the leaders of geothermal energy utilisation for electricity production and direct use.
  • Current installed capacity in Iceland is 580 MWe
  • Strategic partnerships worldwide with leading positions in the sector
  • Extensive geographical and industry research
  • Industry player mapping and network
  • Advisory in the geothermal sector across the whole value chain

Global Geothermal Alliance


islandsbanki - geothermal activity

Islandsbanki‘s geothermal has played a very visible role in the geothermal sector in recent years. While helping the industry to promote the potential of geothermal energy to the financial community, the industry itself and governments, the team also has been involved in some of the major transactions in the industry.

In 2007 the bank founded the first solely geothermal energy focused investment company, Geysir Green Energy and financed the acquisition of a 32 percent share in Hitaveita Sudurnesja (now HS Orka) in the first privatization of energy assets in Iceland. It also advised in the acquisition of a leading geothermal drilling company.
The bank provided debt financing to a North America-based geothermal drilling company to acquire 2 drilling rigs. It was involved in the acquisition of Caithness‘ interest in 18 geothermal, wind and solar power generation projects by ArcLight and acted as co-lead arranger in the Coso-Geothermal Holding deal and was sole participating lender in a bridge facility to the holding company.

Furthermore the bank provided bridge financing to Nevada Geothermal Power in a new product to the industry. This bridge financing allowed the company to finish the drilling campaign to reach the construction phase for this 49.5 MW project in Nevada.

These deals can only give a glimpse into the work done and role played by the bank in this sector that it so uniquely focuses on.

Glitnir's selected customers and deals:











Geothermal Publications - Islandsbanki

Íslandsbanki is doing its own research of geothermal energy and business opportunities. These are aimed not only on business origination for Íslandsbanki Product/Service groups, but also for investors and industry players.

As part of this research, Íslandsbanki is publishing research reports on markets with an existing geothermal industry or regions/countries with geothermal potential. Islandsbanki is also providing individual research and documentation work for clients.


Financial Times Sustainability Awards

In June 2008, Glitnir (now Íslandsbanki) Bank won the Runner-Up for the "Sustainable Deal of the Year" at Financial Times Sustainable Banking Awards 2008.

Having been shortlisted twice for this prestegious award, the bank was recognized for its successful work in the geothermal industry. “A case study in competitive advantage. Geothermal: They know how to do it and claim a global leadership role.” (The judges’ view)

The deal was a $15 million loan to develop a new geothermal generating facility in the Salton Sea geothermal field in Imperial County California. On the awards Glitnir was competing with large players, such as Citibank, Merill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and BlueOrchard Finance.

In 2007, they were nominated for the Financial Times Sustainable Banking Awards in the category "Sustainable Deal of the Year" for the bank's participation in developing a geothermal district heating system project in Xian Yang in Shaanxi province in China.


Geothermal network & news

Activated Logic maintains close links with the geothermal network and news website ThinkGeoEnergy through a strategic-alliance in the Asia-Pacific market.

ThinkGeoEnergy is the leading geothermal news website and network covering the complete value chain of the geothermal power sector, and being the key news source for all major players in the industry, as well as financial players, government organizations and related players, e.g. in the oil and gas sector.

ThinkGeoEnergy is headed by Alexander Richter, Head of Research and Communication in and founding member of  Islandsbanki‘s Geothermal Energy Team.

The website is www.thinkgeoenergy.com


Industry Membership

Activated Logic Pty Limited is a Member of the Australian Geothermal Energy Group. As a member of the AGEG, Activated Logic has a common interest in sharing information to commercialise Australia’s geothermal resources at maximum pace and minimum cost in Australia’s competitive energy markets.





How can Activated Logic Help?

  • Assistance with geothermal project investment through a network of experienced strategic partners, attendance at geothermal and renewable energy events, and the coordination of priority investor briefings including the preparation of company roadshow style events.

  • Geothermal project evaluation through comprehensive due-diligence, in-depth feasibility analysis including use of Activated Logic’s Sequential Investments Assessment Matrix (al-SIAM) to determine the attractiveness of geothermal project investment or  other forms of corporate transactions including M&A

  • Manage geothermal grant applications under the Australian Geothermal Drilling Program (GDP) and the Renewable Energy Demonstration Program (REDP). Activated Logic also can provide assistance with international grant schemes including those available through the International Finance Corporation (IFC) division of the World Bank Group.

  • Preparation and presentation of technical communications including investment proposals and information memorandums with the objective of raising capital or forming alliances with industry participants to develop geothermal projects.

  • Geothermal project development & management - from early stage project initiation through to pre-feasibility, resource definition, FEED, project sanction and all commercial development stages

  • Develop integrated and effective strategies (including geothermal  power plant technology selection) to accelerate the commercialisation of attractive geothermal projects and maximise likelihood of sustained success of geothermal projects.

  • Government policy – Activated Logic provides research, interpretation and advisory services in relation to the actual and expected implications of current and future government policies in relation to geothermal exploration and development.

  • Effective project and company communications for internal and external stakeholders demonstrating key-benefits. Full suite of graphic services provided to ensure technical communications including seismic-sections, gravity surveys and other geological data is presented professionally.

For more information on how Activated Logic can assist your organisation create and extract value from your geothermal portfolio, please contact us.


Other geothermal Sectors:


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