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Sustained long-term growth from emerging economies, primarily China and India is expected to continue to place considerable pressure on the availability and price of energy resources.  Although Australia’s Oil reserves are significant, our current usage exceeds our production of oil – however, unlike oil, our Natural Gas reserves are world class and are responsible for powering major growth cities throughout Asia, including cities across China, Japan and Taiwan.

In addition to our considerable Gas Reserves, Australia holds approximately 39% of the world’s Uranium resources, primarily at the giant Olympic Dam mine and the Australian Government has recently signed supply agreements with numerous countries around the world.  Recently, little known Australian company, Silex Systems Limited commenced the commercialisation of the most innovative Uranium enrichment technology in the world with a consortium of companies including GE, Hitachi Nuclear Energy and Cameco Corp.

In addition, many geothermal companies are emerging in this new Australian energy sector, highlighting the importance of renewable, clean energy. The renewable energy sector is a very attractive sector to invest in as it combines the conventional energy business value-drivers whilst providing a solution to greenhouse gas-emission issues facing organisations with a large carbon footprint. Of the numerous existing and emerging renewable energy sources, geothermal is the only major contender capable of providing high-capacity baseload power.

Activated Logic understands the challenges energy companies face.  We understand that, outcomes from exploration can be uncertain; we understand that lead times for drill rigs, or completion vessels or production can run forever, and we understand that at times it can be difficult to raise funds to achieve the company objectives. 

Activated Logic has helped numerous Australian Oil & Gas, Exploration and Production companies achieve their goals by assisting the companies devise innovative strategies to extract value from their investments and better communicate with their stakeholders including shareholders, financiers and institutional investors.

Activated Logic has been directly involved in the preparation and presentation of Dataroom Information Packages that outline Exploration, Appraisal and Production prospects, the key project benefits complete with resource estimates from suitably qualified organisations such as Gaffney, Cline & Associates (GCA).  Furthermore, Activated Logic is also able to provide a summary of the terms sought by the organisation to third parties, and also provide independent financial modeling including NPV and V@R analysis to be able to conduct a comprehensive sensitivity analysis to determine key economic investment thresholds.

Sub-Sector Focus    

Bio-Fuels (more info in Agribusiness or Biosustainable)

  • Bio-Ethanol
  • Bio-Diesel



Oil & Gas

  • CSM & GTL Projects
  • Exploration & Production
  • Juniors, Majors & NOC’s
  • Onshore & Offshore

How can Activated Logic Help?

  • Preparation and Presentation of Dataroom & Farmout Proposals with the purpose of forming alliances with other Industry Participants
  • Due-diligence and feasibility analysis and reporting to determine attractiveness of project investment, or corporate activity including M&A
  • Shareholder Communications, with professional image reprocessing of key technical data such as time-depth curves for O&G Exploration

If you would like more information on how Activated Logic can improve your organisation please contact us.

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