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Corporate Governance Compliance
3rd May 2009, Hilton 190 Elizabeth St Brisbane

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA.  On the evening of Sunday the 3rd of May, directors and executive staff representing 32 leading Queensland based companies attended Activated Logic’s fifth private client briefing for 2009 at the Hilton in Brisbane. Attendees on the night were reminded about the increased importance of Corporate Governance Compliance, particularly due to the direct and immediate impacts of the 2008/09 Global Financial Crisis.

Attendees were briefed on the key impacts of the information age and the dynamic changes in global economy and how these have led to increased scrutiny of the performance of company directors and the widespread interest concerning executive pay.  Attendees were told that it has never been more important to abide by corporate governance principles, particularly in relation to making accurate and timely disclosures to relevant parties, and be able to anticipate and respond to changes in the regulatory environment.

Activated Logic managing director Mr. Bahay Ozcakmak presented a broad range of corporate strategies specifically designed to assist organisations to meet their disclosure requirements and obligations with regards to Corporate Governance Compliance.

Detailed information regarding the Activated Logic’s position on Corporate Governance Compliance can be found in Activated Logic 2009 Press Release-13, Corporate Governance Compliance.

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