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financing geothermal projects - breakfast

Australian Geothermal Energy Conference (AGEC) Breakfast - "Financing Geothermal Projects"

- International Insights and the Australian Experience

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Early bookings are essential - limited places available.

Presentation Topics:
The Global Geothermal Alliance continues to contribute to the development of the Australian geothermal industry through the innovative adoption of key findings outlined in the Geothermal Industry Development Framework (GIDF) and the industry Technology Road Map. The Alliance is engaged in improving the commercial attractiveness of numerous geothermal projects globally and is active in increasing institutional investor awareness of the Australian geothermal sector.

International Geothermal Investment
Global geothermal energy production is expected to double from the current 10,000MWe of installed capacity by 2014, requiring significant additional investment to fund the expansion of the industry. Alexander Richter, Director of Geothermal Research at investment bank Islandsbanki will provide an overview of the opportunities and challenges affecting investment in the global geothermal sector.

Australian Geothermal Investment
A diverse mix of listed pure-plays, equity-partners, private operators and a number of upcoming initial public offerings, ensure an exciting future for the Australian geothermal sector. Attendees will gain a valuable insight into the upcoming escalation of corporate activity and the value creation strategies required to secure investment and capitalise on these opportunities.

Attendees will discover more about:

  • Investment requirements for the development of the sector
  • Financial challenges facing the sector
  • Value creation strategies for geothermal projects
  • Global geothermal investment dynamics - post GFC
  • Sources of capital for exploration & development
  • The outlook for Australian geothermal investment
  • The performance of the Australian Geothermal Index

Global Geothermal Alliance


Breakfast Details:

Date: Friday, 13 November 2009
Time: 7.50am to 8.50am (including breakfast and presentation)
Venue: The Hilton Hotel, Brisbane Private Dining Room - Level 6 190 Elizabeth St, Brisbane 4000
Cost: $45 for AGEA & AGEG members $65 for non-members
RSVP: Thursday, 12 November 2009
Contact: 07 5561 7282

About the Presenters

Alexander Richter - Director, Islandsbanki

Alexander Richter is the Director of Sustainable Energy within the geothermal energy team of Islandsbanki. Alex joined the bank in January 2005 as a credit analyst in Corporate and Investment Banking and has focused on business development, origination and research in the geothermal industry.

The Islandsbanki geothermal team combines years of experience in the geothermal and renewable energy sectors covering all technical and corporate finance functions and has been involved in key transactions in the geothermal sector in North America, Europe and Asia.

In 2007 the bank founded the first solely geothermal energy focused investment company, Geysir Green Energy and financed the acquisition of a 32 percent share in Hitaveita Sudurnesja (now HS Orka) in the first privatisation of energy assets in Iceland. It also advised in the acquisition of a leading geothermal drilling company.
The bank provided debt financing to a North America-based geothermal drilling company to acquire 2 drilling rigs. It was involved in the acquisition of Caithness‘ interest in 18 geothermal, wind and solar power generation projects by ArcLight and acted as co-lead arranger in the Coso-Geothermal Holding deal and was sole participating lender in a bridge facility to the holding company.


Bahay Ozcakmak- Director, Activated Logic

Bahay has been engaged by an impressive list of Australian and multinational companies operating in a diverse range of sectors, but with similar objectives – sustainable value creation. Prior to establishing Activated Logic, Bahay was head of Corporate Investment Research at C&c and was directly responsible for executing a number of major corporate transactions, including acting as lead advisor for a major acquisition involving the direct foreign investment of $470 million.

Activated Logic is the leading provider of strategic and innovative geothermal project development and commercialisation solutions in the Asia Pacific region. Activated Logic has built networks across the global geothermal industry including technical and commercial partnerships with project financiers and a strategic alliance with leading geothermal bank, Islandsbanki. The Activated Logic research team conducts extensive corporate research into the geothermal sector and also publishes the Australian Geothermal Index.


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