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Welcome to Geothermal Connect™, a unique project development platform created specifically for key market participants in the global geothermal sector. Geothermal Connect™ provides an innovative platform for bringing together geothermal project developers, operators, investors, service providers and other participants.

Activated Logic’s deep knowledge of the global geothermal sector and unique insights gained from extensive experience across the entire sector, guarantee the relevance and ultimately ensure the success of Geothermal Connect™.

Geothermal Connect™ leverages Activated Logic’s capabilities in the geothermal sector and enables our clients to not just observe industry trends but rapidly analyse the impacts of dynamic industry developments and develop strategies to confidently capture new opportunities in the fast-moving energy sector.

The role of Geothermal Connect™
Geothermal – Understanding the Disconnect
Geothermal Connect™ – Capturing the opportunities
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The traditional project development pathway for geothermal projects is simplistically referred to by many industry researchers and analysts as the geothermal supply chain. This definition however implies a typically linear development path which is divided into several discrete and static steps - in contrast real-life geothermal development involves more dynamic decision-making to address the predictable complexities associated with geothermal project development.  Whilst most projects have generally overcome a series of technical challenges by the time they reach the final design phase; it is generally the path-to-market and similar commercial uncertainties which make it difficult for poorly planned projects to successfully reach the project sanction (financial close) stage.



Geothermal power generation is an important and growing source of renewable power generation; however the rate of development of the industry as measured by total installed capacity, has not matched the performance of other renewable sources such as wind and solar.  The level of interest in geothermal power generation projects has increased significantly in recent years as a result of increasing energy costs and concern for the environment, however the significant support mechanisms in the form of various grant and tariff schemes have not had a proportionally large impact on the development of the sector. As a mature power generation technology, the fact that the geothermal industry has only just reached the 11,000 MW of installed capacity mark in 2012, highlights that geothermal has largely been misunderstood by industry, governments and the public alike.

Whilst geothermal development has some compelling drivers, including its baseload nature, the relatively long development timeframes and large upfront costs, provide significant challenges.  These risks and others can generally be managed by well conceived projects and with additional market knowledge and the right expertise, many of the potential risks such as geopolitical, technological or financial risks can often become sources of competitive advantage.


Geothermal CONNECT - capturing the opportunities

At Activated Logic we take an outside-the-box view of the geothermal industry to develop effective strategies to create long-term sustainable value across what we prefer to call the geothermal value chain. We understand the challenges early stage geothermal exploration companies face whilst attempting to delineate sufficient geothermal resources. Our experience has revealed that many smaller companies generally operate with poor strategic planning and with outdated business models generally adapted from the mining or petroleum sectors.  

Similarly, larger and more established geothermal companies typically operate with more conventional business models typically derived from risk-averse independent power producer or utility environments, however are not sufficiently flexible to respond to a changing business environment. This is where Geothermal Connect™ can really assist.

At the core of Geothermal Connect™ is the unwavering objective of creating maximum value for our clients by aligning the interests of all stakeholders to overcome traditional barriers-to-development in the geothermal industry.

Geothermal Connect™ is built on the Activated Logic foundations of providing integrated strategy, investment and communication solutions to our global client base.  Our extensive expertise with cutting-edge proprietary methodologies such as the Activated Logic – Business Optimisation and Synchronisation System and the Activated Logic – Sequential Investment Assessment Matrix, are proven strategies for creating value.


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