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Successful geothermal project development requires an in-depth, strategic and current understanding of the geothermal industry and market dynamics in the broader context of renewable power generation infrastructure development.

Geothermal Connect™ provides an innovative platform for bringing together geothermal project developers, operators, investors, service providers and other participants to identify and establish highly value accretive and synergistic relationships. 

Through Activated Logic and our established network of partners, Geothermal Connect™ provides a systematic service for improving project performance for our clients across the geothermal value chain. Some of the key geothermal industry participants we work with to achieve successful outcomes include:

Upstream - Geothermal Project Developers (by stage of development)

  • Exploration - prior to resource definition
  • Appraisal - delineated resources being evaluated
  • Reserves – proven geothermal reserves confirmed

Downstream - Geothermal Project Developers (by stage of development)

  • Conceptual  - project development plan
  • Detailed Design – including front-end engineering design
  • Feasibility Study - bankable feasibility study
  • Financial Close – debt and equity financing finalised
  • Construct & Commission – execution phase

Geothermal Operators

  • Pure-play Greenfield Operator
  • Established Portfolio Manager
  • Diversified Generation Utility

Geothermal Investors & Financiers

  • Debt & Equity Investors
  • Strategic Investors
  • Mezzanine & Hybrid Providers
  • CER/CDM Monetisation

Geothermal Service Providers

  • Exploration Services
  • Drilling Contractors
  • Insurers of Geological Risks
  • Power Plant Engineering
  • Technology Integration Partners
  • Advisers to Manage PPA/EPC/OEM
  • Construction & Commission Contractors

To learn more about how we are helping our clients identify geothermal project development opportunities and working with them to take these projects from the very early stages right through the development cycle, contact us today.




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