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consolidated potash corporation

Consolidated Potash Corporation (CPC) is building a portfolio of global potash interests by focusing on the appraisal, development and optimisation of potash projects through the strategic integration of the aMES™ mineral processing technology.

CPC owns the exclusive global rights to utilise the aMES™ technology for potash related applications. The highest value aMES™ applications in the potash sector include primary SOP processing, whereas primary MOP applications are focused on waste brine processing.

CPC's corporate affiliate, AWT first performed aMES™ based experimental work on brine and salts sourced from the Karinga Lakes sulphate of potash (SOP) project in 2015. Based on successful validation of the advantages of aMES™ technology, in August 2017, CPC (formerly AGG) with the aMES™ based technical support of AWT, agreed to acquire a direct equity interest of up to 40% in the Karinga Lakes Potash Project (by investing up to $3 million) from the project operator, Verdant Minerals (ASX: VRM).

On the 4th of May 2018, CPC's largest shareholder, Lions Bay Capital (TSX-V: LBI) announced it had made an offer to acquire the balance of CPC.

Consolidated Potash Corporation (CPC) is focused on commercialising the activated Mineral Extraction System (aMES™), a proprietary technology for recovering minerals, reagents & water from aqueous solutions.



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