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activated water technologies

Activated Water Technologies (AWT) collaborates with a range of leading research organisations, to support the ongoing research, development and commercialisation of the aMES™ technology. In addition to relationships with several international research organisations, AWT has established strategic partnerships with several Australian universities, providing a strong platform for continued scientific advances.

AWT has been collaborating with Victoria University (VU) since 2015 and remains ATL's core R&D partner. AWT and VU are partners to a Strategic Collaboration and Technology Licencing Agreement and collaborate on multiple high-impact research projects, including several supported by the Australian Research Council (ARC).

Our Board of Directors consists of experienced directors that have held senior management roles with major energy and mining companies. We understand the challenges these industries face in improving efficiency and environmental sustainability of operations, all the while endeavouring to improve financial performance; that's why we are developing innovative solutions to make a meaningful difference.

Our Research & Development Team consists of experienced scientists that are passionate about their research and are recognised as leaders in their field of expertise.

Activated Water Technologies are combining ground breaking scientific innovations, with experienced industry leadership, to contribute to a step-change in the transition to more sustainable operations in energy and water intensive industries.

Our directors share a passion for technology driven change, and have all been actively involved in the successful commercialisation of numerous environmentally conscious technologies with an aggregate investment of several hundreds of millions of dollars, over the last 25 years.

Activated Water Technologies (AWT) is focused on commercialising the activated Mineral Extraction System (aMES™), a proprietary technology for recovering minerals, reagents & water from aqueous solutions.

• Highly efficient use of water and energy
• Production of high-purity products including minerals, reagents & water
• Opportunity for substantial project capex & opex savings
• Improved environmental sustainability

• Novel integration of proven technologies, combined with;
• Proprietary process IP consisting of patents, expertise and knowhow, ensuring aMES™ is a robust, yet highly innovative game-changing technology with substantial advantages over conventional technologies.

• The core technology has undergone testing and evaluation in a laboratory environment, with a range of synthetic and mining related feedstocks.
• Successful test work provided proof of concept for aMES™ technology and is a strong platform for accelerated commercialisation.
• Consolidated IP by securing licenses (including patent rights) from research partner and Activated Logic.
• AWT and research partner (major Australian University) execute a Strategic Collaboration & Technology Licensing Agreement, to support the commercialisation of the aMES™ technology.
• Secured several substantial R&D grants, including support through the Australian Research Council's prestigious Industrial Transformation Research Hub, for Energy Efficient Separation, in June 2017. The hub is composed of several companies, approximately a dozen leading universities, and CSIRO.

In order to successfully develop, scale and install industrial scale applications of our aMES™ technology, AWT is currently partnering with leading OEM & EPC partners with a focus on applications in the energy & mining sectors.



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