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our people

Our directors share a passion for technology driven change, and have all been actively involved in the successful commercialisation of numerous environmentally conscious technologies with an aggregate investment of several hundreds of millions of dollars, over the last 25 years.

We have experienced leadership in Energy, Mining & Technology Commercialisation.

Our directors are committed to achieving success with Activated Technologies and our portfolio of innovative technologies.

We recognise it is our people that hold the key to our continued success and who have the inherent capacity for us to achieve our future vision.

The core team at Activated Logic consists of an executive team of senior advisers, along with an established network of professionals located throughout Canada, North America, South America and Europe.

Our management team and senior advisers at Activated Logic is made up of a broad range of experienced industry professionals, with many years of technical and management experience between them.  They are members of a wide range of professional organisations, with the majority holding post-graduate qualifications in either business, finance and/or communications to complement their technical expertise.

The operational team at Activated Logic includes a platform of technical, design, communication and administrative staff, providing a range of integrated business solutions.

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